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Established since 2016 I AM THAT, LLC mission has been to motivate positivity and self-awareness in unity with spring water. Our product is a 16.9 ounce bottled spring water that displays a positive and inspirational word on the each label in large print, for example (I AM THAT, BEAUTIFUL or I AM THAT, WORTHY). I AM THAT bottled water has over 40 individual labels that display a different triggered encouraging word.


Our water has empowering words to motivate you, setting the tone for inner and outer experience.

I AM THAT brings a new level of awareness to water.


Using self-motivating words playing soothing tones over the water and giving good attention to this living water , YOU DESERVE THE BEST....SO DRINK THE BEST! Our water source comes from a NATURAL gentle water stream that has a refreshing taste that everyone is talking about. 



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